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Client & Scope


Global Leader in on-road load handling, USA Client is world’s leading provider of on-road load handling equipment, intelligent services, smart and connected solutions. Its customers range from single truck owners to international fleet operators across a wide variety of


  • Design the real time pipeline
  • Log processing using Kinesis 
  • Data Insights using Tableau

Business Value & Benefits

  • To identify changes in the immediate. To correct deviations in operational processes with brevity.
  • To combine multiple sources of data and content.
  • Makes processes more agile. Reduction of the probability of the mistake. Data on mobile devices.

Solution & Technology

  • Server Log processing using data ingestion by kinesis
  • OLTP data consumption using Talend into S3
  • Store the data in EMR/Hive and data processing using Spark
  • Designed Ad Hoc and reports using Tableau.

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