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Leading E-commerce website

40% reduction in wait time
20% increase in contact rates and sales
10-30% increase in checkout rates

Business Goals

Develop core flex staffing engagement model to deploy full stack, Cloud and DevOps with IaC skills

  • Create the JD, find the right talent through a combination of in-house resources and from market through proper screening and on-board process.
  • 2 week turn around time to deploy 30 resources.


  • We first determine who your RIGHT CANDIDATE is, and who are you looking to build your A-Team Around.
  • What are the RIGHT SKILLS these candidates need to succeed in your organization?
  • The RIGHT FIT based on organization values, drive, skillsets and diversity.
  • Our 24/7 recruiting model and the RIGHT PROCESS with deep understanding of client needs and a focused approach.
  • Our transparent RIGHT PRICING model, making the candidate satisfied and motivated


  • With just-in-time sourcing, screening and additional recruitment support, the organization is meeting a surge in demand for its new surge customer engagement

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