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Business Goals

  • Need to update the models to newer Matlab, Targetlink version
  • To be inline with the upgraded versions and to achieve code optimization.
  • To reduce the development time and minimize the cost


  • By migrating models from lower version Matlab to higher version Matlab, instead of creating the new models from scratch
  • By creating new environment to support the latest version of Matlab and Targetlink. And by updating libraries desired auto code generation can be achieved
  • Migrated model correctness can be confirmed through back to back testing via Embedded Tester tool


  • Assured quality and faster turnaround time.
  • Can develop more models with short development time

Development Model

Modified waterfall approach, to accommodate the parallel activities, feature based releases.


Model based development using Matlab, m-scripts, Simulink, Targetlink, Embedded Tester.

Resources & Effort

2 Persons
4MM/2 Months Schedule

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