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Leading plant automation systems provider

40% improvement in testing productivity
90% reduction is residual defect density

Business Goals

Develop an efficient test process for end-to-end automation solutions:

  • Improve productivity of testing process for customized automation solutions.
  • Ensure 100% error-free, high-quality product and eliminate retesting.
  • Reduce time-to-market to improve customer satisfaction.


Deployed intelligence and insights-driven test automation strategy and solution:

  • Integrated two off-the-shelf testing tools with existing test management tool.
  • Ensured continuous test process using – optimize, automate and analyze – approach.
  • Trained client employees on test environment for seamless change management.


  • Accelerated time to market for superior customer retention.
  • Proactive identification of issues, ensuring 99.9% error-free products.
  • Lower testing and development effort.
  • Ability to shift focus to product enhancement and development.

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