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Mechanical & automated equipment installer

65%-70% reduction in costs
85%-90% reduction in production time 

Business Goals

Rapidly develop, verify, validate and deliver design prototypes.

  • Accelerate design and testing to fast-track software development life cycle.
  • Ensure adherence to quality standards such as ASPICE, ISO26262
  • Improve productivity and boost turnaround time.
  • Minimize defects and reduce costs.


Deployed a single-click tool to automate model design as well as testing.

  • Customized auto-scaling design tool capable of being deployed across models.
  • Automated test environment creation, test data import, test script and report generation.


  • 24/7 execution of complex models without human intervention.
  • Improved productivity – rapid testing across multiple unit models.
  • Assured quality and faster turnaround.
  • Reduction in time spent on review and rework.

Development Model

Modified waterfall approach, to accommodate the parallel activities, feature-based interim releases, changing & new requests.


Model based development using Matlab, m-scripts, legacy C, Simulink, Targetlink, Embedded Tester, Reactis

Resources & Effort

6 Persons
45MM/7 Months Schedule

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