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Ethernet Protocol
Automation Confirmation

97% of time span reduced while comparing to manual test confirmation
Cost of testing reduced by more than 80%

Business Goals

Rapidly develop, verify, validate and deliver design prototypes.

  • Feasibility check for test automation by CAPL script in vTESTstudio
    SOMEIP SD concept is needed to implement as new in auto code
  • Required to match the given OEM software test items against with Ethernet protocol standard items
  • As per AUTOSAR standard necessitate to implement the ‘Profile 4’ safety mechanism for E2E in CAPL
  • To handle Complexity mechanism in Client/Server Ethernet concept for single CAPL Program


Deployed a single-click tool to automate model design as well as testing.

  • Analyzed the vTESTstudio supported in-house CAPL functions and obtained implementation knowledge in auto code
  • AUTOSAR standard documents were investigated along with Client specifications as well as software implementation
  • Complexity modules were divided and analyzed separately to target the simplified generic auto code creation
  • Ethernet communication matrix input document had been created by PYTHON scripting language to speedup the test process


  • Possible to use the created generic auto code for all type of Ethernet protocol tests
  • Safety standards(ASIL) are covered in created auto code as per the client software delivery
  • Able to diagnose the Ethernet interface software issue for frame data transfer
  • Appropriate Ethernet network hardware module has been selected by checking optimized auto code in different hardware module like VT6306 and VN5610A for targeting proper Ethernet communication

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