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50% time reduction compared to Manual data creation in Structural design stage.
2-3% effort saving in test environment setup.

Business Goals

  • To reduce the development time and minimize the cost
  • Improve the Quality of deliverables with zero defects
  • Delivering of projects on time


  • By using of tools, Reduces manual work of label pickup, addition & its presence in the design stage
  • Code compliance check with MISRA-C Standard
  • Ensuring of Code Read/Write check during the design stage
  • Maintaining of test environment /setup for further project reuse


  • Assured quality and faster turnaround time
  • Can execute more jobs with short development time
  • Meeting of deadlines even when with change in a minimal requirement

Development Model

Modified waterfall approach, to accommodate the parallel activities, feature based interim releases, changing & new requests.


Engine Reuse development using ,SDR Tool, SD Tool, Attribute check tool, QAC & Cdoc tool.

Resources & Effort

2 Persons
0.5MM/0.25 Months Schedule

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