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Release Check Performance Improvement

90% time reduction compared to Manual Test data creation
10% reduction Bug Leakage Ratio
30% Increase in Different variants/Protocols test requests from OEM’s/Tier’1

Business Goals

  • Addressing the increased communication Load in Current/future load
  • Challenges / New scenarios arisen due to complexity in Auto code generation
  • To achieve the Gateway routing among different CAN Protocols
  • MAC Key concept implementation
  • To automate manual test data pattern creation


  • By vPARAM concept, the CAN Channel configuration complexity is simplified in the CAPL program
  • By analyzing the concept of different CAN protocol handlers; the possibilities are gathered for the gateway, functional gateway, and bridge routings.
  • By PYTHON scripting, the extraction of input signal parameters from the specification is created automatically.


  • Possible to check different type of Software Release
  • Client software delivery is speedup by on-time submitting of software implementation issues by test judgments.
  • Short time request by client also can be handled by generic auto pattern
  • Can check 3X times software ROM modification tests instead of single ROM delivery check within a period of OEM delivery span

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