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We setup an End-to-end Testing team of 100+ engineers and enabled one-click test automation that optimizes costs and accelerates release cycle.

Key Results

  • 90%-94% reduction in testing time
  • 70% reduction in operating costs
  • Rapid ROI – 3 months per test environment

The Business Goal was to

Shift from manual testing to automated testing environment to:

  • Reduce duration of software development life cycle.
  • Increase quality and ensure adherence to safety standard ISO26262.
  • Improve productivity to increase number of ROM releases to OEMs.
  • Reduce costs to adhere to budgets and improve ROI.

The Solution offered, involved

  • Deployment of automation testing solution with continuous regressing testing in production.
    • Development of auto test cases across 4 categories to increase efficiencies:
    • Repetitive test runs
    • Long test cases
    • Performance test cases
    • High risk test cases
  • Enablement of auto report generation to rapidly trace and fix issues.

The Outcomes were

  • Improved efficiency and productivity.
  • Increased number of ROM releases to OEMs.
  • Reduced human intervention, effort and errors.
  • High quality, on-time delivery to clients.
  • Client growth, leading to business expansion globally.

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