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Improving the capacity and performance of the website through cloud-based solutions.

Key Results

High availability website for exceptional visitor and student experience.

The Business Goal was to

Migrate to the cloud to handle unpredictable traffic spikes.

  •  Enable an always-up website with auto-scaling for Zero downtime.
  • Handle heavy traffic during admissions/examination results dissemination process.
  • Reduce page response time across countries/regions.
  • Support timely content updates.

The Solution offered, involved

  • Cloud-based architecture with auto-scalability and high availability.
  • Resource-balancing across two availability zones for Zero downtime.
  • Automated server health check and alerts.
  • Best practices for ensuring a secure environment.
  • Right-sized environment for cost savings.

The Outcomes were

  • Reduced costs – 40% to 60% lower as compared to existing environment.
  • Zero downtime – student and visitor access even during traffic spikes.
  • Increased number of visitors to the website as well as enquiries.
  • Simplified content updates to website.

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