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Modern wireless networking is transforming every industry and the way they operate. Wireless and digital technology have brought everyone online. As a result, industries across various domains have disrupted and reinvented for the digital era.

Mass media, Banking and Finance, and Telecommunication are a few domains where wireless networking is making a huge impact. But it also plays a pivotal role in turning Supply Chain Management completely digital. Gone are the days where wireless networks limited only to the office environment. Today it is used in various processes, including logistics, warehouse management, distribution, and manufacturing facilities. Furthermore, the wireless network can monitor, control and manage network systems according to the environment.

Here are a few ways in which Wireless Networking benefits Supply Chain Management.

Shipment Tracking

Shipment is a crucial business process when it comes to Supply Chain. However, managing them with the traditional approach is troublesome in this modern era. Implementing Wireless Networks helps in tracking lost or delayed shipments. Wireless barcode scanners collect information that is used in all stages of the shipping process. This ensures that the whole shipping process is appropriately tracked, reducing the risks of lost and delayed shipments.

Distribution Management

Distribution Management involves a separate set of processes when compared to Shipment Tracking. Barcode scanners and RFID readers help in distributing packages accurately and quickly. This reduces the time one needs to spend on the database analyzing the availability of the items and fulfilling the orders. Overall, it makes the distribution process smooth and hassle-free.

Seamless Data Capture

Barcode and RFID scanners make the data entry process simple and efficient in Supply Chain Management. One doesn’t have to enter the details of each package, but just scan the code, and the software will do its part. This not only reduces labour and ensures accurate data entry but also helps in reducing out of stock, overstock, and inventory carrying costs.

Reliable Communication

Wireless network communication has the edge over traditional wired communications. Sharing data, assisting performance has become a lot easier with wireless technologies. Employees from different locations can communicate smoothly to complete various warehouse management processes using the VoLAN (voice-over local network).

Why Wireless Networking matters to Supply Chain

Wireless Networking helps in the early identification of issues with shipments getting lost or delayed. Real-time distribution and inventory visibility, and tracking are made simple with wireless technologies. Organizing storage and distribution of goods in the warehouse is no longer a tiring task. In simple Wireless Networking, solutions benefits end to end Supply Chain Management.

Businesses these days are under great pressure to improve warehouse process and minimize errors. Wireless technology serves these needs with its improved functionalities.

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